I don’t know why but this looks to me like I’m on an operation table receiving surgery from cats

What a fucking nerd
Me talking about someone I love (via cowprince)


A gameshow that forces male nerds into the unnecessarily sexualized outfits female video game characters have that they defend as “practical,” and then makes them do agility training


Possible Co-ord for Enchanted.

Outfit Rundown

Dress: Juliette et Justine ‘Féerie’
Silk bolero: Monsoon
Underskirt: Little Dipper (Taobao)
Bag: Zara
Shoes: ASOS
Necklace: Gift
Headress: Fox Cherry (Taobao)
Socks: 小鹿Bambi森林小屋 (Taobao)

Now I’m still waiting for Rococo Daze to send my Juliette et Justine ‘Dessin’ tights as I would like to wear them with this co-ord instead of the socks ;_;

Please say hi if you see me at Enchanted ^_^ 


Let’s make this happen, dolls! 
Laverne is currently 2nd place, behind Benedict Cumberbatch; and Jared Leto is a very close third place (really?!)


Vote for Laverne



What does kindness get you? This.


Jackson Whittemore is really Jackson Hale and no one can tell me otherwise. I know Colton left for Arrow and it’s still unknown if he will ever return, but this shit right here, this is canon. It was never explained how Derek’s claws, a beta’s claws, could trigger dreams/memories inside Jackson. It was never explained why Peter’s touch made Jackson’s wound glow. It was never explained why Jackson had such a connection to the Hales and the Hale house, and it wasn’t just because he wanted to get bitten so badly. There was something there that cannot be explained in another way, that was supposed to build up to the truth about Jackson’s real family. I don’t care what kind of poor Malia storyline Jeff came up with, I also don’t want to blame him since it was Colton’s decision to leave, but to me, Jackson will always be canonly the real Hale offspring, Peter Hale’s son.


I’m here, I’m queer, I was told there would be food?

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(sexy jelly wizard)